Why Novastem?

Stem Cell Regulations

Novastem uses allogeneic stem cells from Stemedica’s lab with the highest quality control global standard compliant with cGMP current good manufacturing practices by The California Food and Drug Branch.

We adhere and comply with the best clinical trial practices and also adopt the best international practices to offer a safe experience.

Our Clinic adheres to the laws and licenses of the corresponding Mexican regulatory agency COFEPRIS they are the health bureau in Mexico in charge of regulating and expediting licenses, and monitoring good medical practices.

Internal Research and Innovation Department

We have an internal research department composed of medical specialis, scientists and engineers that investigate and make sure that select, verify, and validate new wellness products and technologies through clinical studies to ensure a safe, reliable, and timely introduction into new markets in full compliance with government regulatory entities. They are part of our day to day and monitor all our therapies to eventually report back to the national regulatory entity.

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Ethics and Research Committee

An internal Ethics and Research Committee or commonly known as an Internal Review Board who approves, reviews and supervises all clinical trial studies. They are registered by the National Bioethics Commission and by COFEPRIS. Part of their monthly meetings is to ensure that all our applications and treatments are done in a safe and monitored environment and ensure we are following standardized and approved protocols.

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Research Committee

The research committee reviews and approves all clinical trial studies by their expert members, composed by medical specialists and lead scientists in the area, they determine if a protocol has all the right elements to be executed. They are also registered by COFEPRIS and they are the firsts to review and approve a protocol before it is reviewed by the Ethics Committee.

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Other committees

  • Safety and quality for patient care.
  • Cell transplant.
  • Nosocomial (hospital-acquired) Infections.
  • Clinical Records.
  • Pharmacy and therapy.
    • Drug Safety.
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Medical Accreditations

  • Surgical License.
  • Regenerative Medicine License.
  • Cell Transplant and Bank License.
  • Pharmacy License.
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