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Stem Cells for Anti Aging Purposes

Experience the rejuvenating portential of stem cells.

With the passing of time and aging, our body presents itself with changes. Frailty is a non specific state during which we may be vulnerable, this is due to the physiological changes our body presents with the phenomenon of aging. These may not be related directly to any disease status, however, some elderly patients may only be frail with no known conditions. And we do not only refer to the physical components of frailty, there is also a psychological, cognitive and social alterations that may contribute to this syndrome, so a multidisciplinary action is considered. Frailty presented in the aging population may be characterized by easy tiring, reduced libido, diminished muscle mass and strength, mood changes and vulnerability to disease.

Aging is associated with a dysregulation of the immune system, with an increase in proinflammatory components which maintain the body in a chronic inflammatory state. Chronic inflammatory status blocks the repair, turnover, and adaptation of many tissues, including muscles and bones. Muscular degeneration seen in frailty is called sarcopenia, and it may be due to the blocking effect of inflammation in the turnover effect in muscle mass.

In general, we may saty that with age, we increase our inflammatory state that may cause alterations in our system, blocking or inhibiting important processes in our regenerative capabilities

Stem cell treatment for anti-aging purposes can help the body:

  • Downregulate inflammation in muscles or organs and consequently avoid diseases.
  • Eliminate fatigue.
  • Help sleeping patterns.
Application type:

The procedure consists on a simple intravenous infusion of MSCs. The amount of stem cells depend on the patient’s weight and height.

After discharge we follow up with all of our patients for up to two years with scheduled calls and emails to verify the patient's progress.