More about Gordie Howe’s therapy

Gordie Howe’s recovery thanks to stem cell therapy impressed even prominent skeptics of therapies outside the clinical trial system. Dr. David Gorski follows through with more information about this kind of treatments and the science behind it. Learn more about it at:

Remembering Mr. Hockey

Gordie Howe’s unexpected recovery surprised many, even the hockey player’s family. Keith Olbermann is joined by Gordie Howe’s son, Dr. Murray Howe to discuss the experience of stem cell treatment and its results. Watch the video here:

Dr. Maynard Howe Joins Olbermann

Keith Olbermann discusses stem cell trials and the treatment that improved Gordie Howe’s condition after a stroke in October. Gordie’s son, Dr. Maynard Howe shares his father’s experience with this life-saving treatment. Watch the video here:

Novastem Treats First Patient Using Stemedica’s Mesenchymal and Neural Stem Cell Combination Therapy for Ischemic Stroke

Howe’s condition improves after stem-cell treatment

The Howe family updates us on Gordie’s improvement and recovery after undergoing adult stem cell treatment in Mexico. Read more:

Gordie Howe’s remarkable recovery reportedly due to medical treatments in Mexico

Gordie Howe’s health improved significantly after receiving stem cell therapy. Nearly on his deathbed back in October, Gordie’s recovery was such that he is expected to appear at a February event in his hometown. Here’s the story:

Gordie Howe makes ‘amazing’ recovery following stem cell treatment in Mexico

Hockey legend Howe shows progress after stem cell treatment

From being bedridden to walking on his own, Detroit Red Wings legend Gordie Howe’s progress is apparent. After receiving stem cell treatment earlier this month in Mexico, Gordie is well on his way to recovery from a life-threatening stroke. Read more:–nhl.html

Gordie Howe underwent stem cell clinical trial in Mexico

Gordie Howe’s treatment with stem cells has proved to be lifesaving, as the hockey player is already able to get on his feet and shuffle about. His family has released a further statement on his improvement: